Adware Helpers Removal Guide


Adware Helpers sounds like a legit and useful web browser application. By its name and claims, an innocent user may consider it like a legit and useful program to monitor and coordinate with online advertisements, filter Spam and malicious pop-ups etc. Many Internet users find it useful due to these claims and want to have this program on their computer to make web browsing session more pleasant. But this misconception of users get revealed after few times of activation. Adware Helpers is itself an adware program which is responsible for massive display of pop-up ads. So the user who intentionally instaled adware program faces massive display of misleading and fake online advertisements on their web browser interface. Adware Helpers program also snoop on user’s privacy over Internet and steal information. it tracks web browsing history and searched keyword to find out user’s interest and then display targeted pop-up ads to promote third party products. It promote sales and web traffic on second rated websites through repetitive and massive display of pop-ups, pop-under, banners, fake coupons etc. so the users on infected computer find Adware Helpers pop-up ads very annoying, intrusive and misleading.

Realizing the fact, even if the users want to uninstall Adware Helpers from their computer might encounter a new problem. That is Adware Helpers would not go even after several uninstall attempts as it is a very stubborn adware infection which you can’t get rid of by employing simple removal methods.


Impacts Of Adware Helpers on Your Computer

  • Adware Helpers can cause unwanted changes to your computer.
  • It can cause serious performance problems on the infected computer. Computers affected with this adware often get stuck or freeze. In some cases, Adware Helpers can damage the boot sector of the infected computer, which may be associated with this nasty adware or other threat, which is also associated with this infection adware.
  • It can change the settings of your web browser, which reduces your security and makes it more vulnerable to other forms of threats.
  • It can change your homepage and default search engine for your web browser, exposing computer users to unwanted websites, and promotional materials, as soon as they start their web browser.
  • It can redirect your search results and other browser activity, which makes computer users visit Web sites related to this malware repeatedly.
  • It can cause your web browser to display pop-up advertisements, suspicious error messages, fake system alerts and pop-up windows that contain potentially dangerous websites or online content that can expose your computer to other types of threats.

How To Delete Adware Helpers With Manual Methods

Adware Helpers hooks very deep into the core of Windows operating system it creates many files in different locations and make entries to the registry editor. If you wish to delete Adware Helpers by manual methods then you should search and remove these files and registry entries permanently from your computer. Here we are going to write steps to remove Adware Helpers by manual methods.

Phase 1 : End all running process related to Adware Helpers. To do this properly, follow these steps…

Step 1 : Reboot your system in Safe Mode with Networking by pressing F8 during boot-up.

Step 2 : After loading Windows in safe mode, Press Atl+Ctrl+Del to launch Task Manager.
Step 3 : Into the Task manager window, Click on Processes tab, select processes related to Adware Helpers, unidentified and processes without indicating publishers one by one and click on End Task. Thus end all running Adware Helpers process.

Task Manager

Phase 2: Uninstall Adware Helpers From Add/Remove Programs feature in Control Panel. Following steps are required to perform this operation on your Windows computer.

Step 1 : Click on Start Menu on lower left corner of Task-bar on desktop interface and navigate to Control panel.
Step 2 : If you are in Icon view then click on “Programs and Features” icon or in the Category view click on “Uninstall a program” link below “Programs” category.
Step 3 : Search Adware Helpers, carefully click once to select the program and find and click on Uninstall button appears on the tool bar at the top of Uninstall or Change a Program window. You can also use right click after selection of program and click on uninstall.

Control Panel
Step 4 : Follow further instructions by the uninstaller.

Phase 3 : Deletion of Adware Helpers Registry Entries.

Perform this step very carefully because any mistake can let you suffer with corruption of legit program or OS.

Step 1 : Once again Click on Start Menu → Navigate to Run Box.
Step 2 : Type “Regedit” and press enter.

Step 3 : Search and delete following Registry entries.

Phase 4 : Search hard drive of computer for files and folders created by Adware Helpers and delete them all permanently. Search for these files:

  • DProtectSvc.exe,
  • flashEnhancer.dll,
  • dlprotect.exe,
  • monitorsvc.exe,
  • PCProtect.exe,
  • UpdateTask.exe,
  • uninstaller.exe,
  • mngr.exe,
  • psupport.dll,
  • Ncdownloader.exe,

delete all form different locations on computer’s hard drive also search directories and folders mentioned below for complete deletion of Adware Helpers.

  • C:\PROGRAM FILES\Adware Helpers\Adware Helpers.dll
  • %PROGRAMFILES%\Adware Helpers
  • C:\PROGRAM FILES\Adware Helpers\SuptlePluginServiceUpdate.exe
  • %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Adware Helpers
  • C:\PROGRAM FILES\Adware Helpers\BHOEnabler.exe
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\IePluginService\update\PluginUpdate.exe
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\IePluginService\PluginService.exe
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\IePluginService
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\IePluginService

How to Uninstall Adware Helpers Extensions and Add-Ons from Popular Browsers

Google Chrome

Follow the Step wise info to remove Adware Helpers from Google Chrome

  • First of all Customize icon (3 bar icon) which can be found just next to the address bar, need to be clicked on
  • Now Select and Go to the Tools>Extensions

Chrome Extension 2

  • Search for the suspicious extensions that are created by Adware Helpers and if found, delete it by clicking on Trash icon.

chrome extension 3

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla FF as Browser, follow the steps as shown below

  • Open Mozilla Browser
  • In the Menu bar, Click on Tools Option

Mozilla Addon 1

  • Now Select Shift+Ctrl+A to view the complete Extensions and Plug-ins
  • Search for Adware Helpers and related Add-ons if any and remove them.

Mozilla Addon 2

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

  • First of all Click on Tools and then Manage add-ons option is to be selected on IE.

IE Addon 1

  • Search for any suspicious add-ons created by Adware Helpers on the Toolbars and Extensions Tab.

IE Addon 2

  • Try to remove Adware Helpers related add-ons. If you are unable to delete it, you can also disable it manually. Also it can be uninstalled from Control Panel.


How Automatic Adware Helpers Scanner Tool Helps

As you may notice that manual method is so complicated and following these steps need much technical skills. Only a minor mistake may result in system crash and bring severe data loss. So it is not a recommended process for all kind of computer users but automated methods of removal is much easier and efficient to get rid of Adware Helpers adware.

Adware Helpers Scanner is a best solution over manual methods because it is fully automated and take very less time to scan and detect malicious components. It also provide real time protection from any type of malware such as browser hijacker, adware, PUP, rootkits, trojan, etc.